Autumn 2015

We were so pleased to move into our new premises at the beginning of November.  The new premises are now Ofsted registered and we are fully open!


Here is a snapshot of what we have been getting up to since we opened.

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen, has quickly become one of the children's favourite stories! They really enjoy the chanting rhythm of the story.  There are many repeated phrases which meant that the children were quickly able to join in with the story telling.


We filled a tuff tray with various different materials for the children to explore.  It was a visual representation of the different settings in the story which encouraged and supported some independent story telling. The different textures and smells, including a rather revolting mixture of spices in the play dough 'mud', meant that children of all ages were able to get messy and enjoy the learning benefits from this sensory exploration.

Here is the tuff tray before the children arrived in the morning:

(It didn't look like this for long!)

We put out various other 'Bear Hunt' themed resources for the children to enjoy during free play. These 'Bear Hunt' character lego jigsaws were a real hit with the Gruffalo key group.  We also had a go at making our own 'bear face' snack.

Autumn is a great time to get outdoors and have a scrunch about in the leaves.  We have been visiting Victoria Park most days to take advantage of the fantastic space and natural resources there.  The children often come back with a large bag full of leaves which we can then explore later indoors.


One of the children's favourite activities to do at the park is to go on a scavenger hunt and this fun activity has the added bonus of increasing the children's vocabulary and understanding of descriptive language whilst also teaching them about the changing seasons and the natural world. If you would like a copy of our scavenger hunt to enjoy with your children at the weekend, just ask and we'll print you one off.

A key focus for the Gruffalo and Brown Bear, Brown Bear key groups has been the development of their fine motor skills. Young children need to strengthen the muscles in their fingers and hands before they can hold a pencil effectively. Activities that involve hand and finger muscles will get those hands ready write! Look at the fabulous pincer grips Max and John Joe are using in this picture!  

The Creation Station appeared overnight at Flexi-Minder. Must be an early Christmas gift from Father Christmas! The children now have access to all the paper, glue, glitter, cardboard boxes and feathers they could want!


Some of the children have started to learn to write their name. We teach this by first supporting the children to recognise the letters in their name and then work towards writing it for themselves. That doesn't mean sitting at a desk copying out the letters, there are much more fun ways of doing name writing practice. Like using shaving foam in a tray!

And it also makes a great racing track! Bonus!