Spring 2016

We began the Spring term by using two of Julia Donaldson's most famous books to kick start our topic on monsters.  This topic was inspired by the teacher's frequent observations of the children engaging in monster role play.  This play was usually started by just one or two children but would often end up with the whole setting taking part in the kind of 'wild rumpus' seen in another of our favourite stories -Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

The children took part in lots of Gruffalo themed fun that allowed teachers to disguise learning opportunities in engaging activities.  For example, the picture above shows the children cooking up some Gruffalo snacks in the Gruffalo Cafe that popped up in Flexi-Minder that week. 

In February, inspired by children's interest in vehicles, we visited the museum of Science and Industry where we got to see their huge collection of different vehicles in the Power House and Air Hall. We also got the chance to explore all of the science experiements in the museum's Experiment! collection.