Winter 2015

We have had a visitor here at Flexi-Minder. He arrived with a letter from Father Christmas explaining that he is a naughty elf who has been wreaking havoc at the North Pole! The other elves are now running behind with the present making and need our help. The children have accepted the challenge of teaching the naughty elf some positive behaviour and are very excited that the elf will be staying with us until Christmas.


We're sure the elf will be very good and certainly wont get up to any mischief whilst he's here... will he?

We are still working hard to build up our finger muscles, getting ready to write.  Our daily dough gym sessions really help to support this and the children really enjoy having a 'finger workout' to their favourite songs.



Rolling, rolling...









Massage that dough!

We ended up creating a Christmas tree dough gym whilst having a 'workout' to Brenda Lee's 'Rockin Around the Christmas Tree'!